Tuesday, March 24, 2009

cancun revisited

last week i read on cincinnati hound a query: where has all the good mexican food gone? it made me crave cancun, the mexican restaurant located inside western bowl.

i've written about cancun before, and as josh pointed out, i did forget to mention the absolutely gargantuan cups pop is served in. they also have a fabulous birthday tradition of forcing the lucky celebrant to wear a huge sombrero, listen while they sing, and then smash whipped cream in the celebrant's face at the end said song. i have a picture of amy experiencing this phenomenon, but she may divorce me if i posted it here.

i will again contend you CAN get good food in a bowling alley. i will be despondent if western bowl and cancun close.
here is my usual dinner: pollo a la cancun. chorizo, chicken, zucchini, and cheese. a good medley of flavors. the beans and rice are kind of a whatever, something to fill up the plate. but any entree i have ordered has been good.

the chips and salsa are acceptable; not stellar, but not an unworthy filler either. brian really likes the queso. we have been unsuccessful at home duplication.

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Keith said...

The margaritas are Killers !!!

JKNEPFLE said...

Agreed on the Margaritas.

Next time you have a craving for mexican, give Plaza Mexico a try. It's next to McDonald's on Delhi pike. I always loved Cancun, but now I think I like Plaza Mexico even better!

Cincy Hound Dog said...

Sounds like I need to get my map out and visit the west side for some Mexican. Maybe I'll make it a dual trip and try out Price Hill Chili for my chili quest.

True story - I was eating lunch at an Indian restaurant with a colleague today and he, on his own with no prompting from me, starting bemoaning the current state of Mexican and Chinese food. It was nice to hear some validation from an independent source!

However, I know some goods ones are out there just waiting to be found! Thanks for the tips on Cancun and Plaza Mexico.

The Running Buckeye said...

Cancun is awesome. Everytime I take people there I have to assure them that it will be ok. Just try it people. I know I know it is attached to a bowling alley, just try to forget that part. lol

k said...

yes, i could happily drown in one of their margaritas.

josh - i went to plaza mexico. thanks for the recommendation! stay tuned for the post.

Cancun Mexico said...

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