Tuesday, March 24, 2009

what in the hell is rapini?

beth and i went to bootsy's saturday night for a bachelorette party. i will share with you the notes i scribbled to retain the experience despite my alcohol-clouded mind.
what in the hell is rapini? - cousin of broccoli
exotic spanish flatbread = pigs in a blanket [direct quote from beth]
duck tacos = fucking amazing [direct quote from amy]
when we turn 50, let's get drunk in private [general consensus]

those were my basic impressions of the big top circus that is bootsy's.
the menu is eclectic, pretentious, unexpected, (beth, add your adjectives, too!) i have to admit when i looked at it online i was thinking to myself, i'm never going to find something that i want since i don't eat seafood (of any variety). oddly when i was there i wasn't having trouble at all in fact had to think about what i wanted to select in stead. ok that's far fewer adjectives than krissy wanted but more my thoughts on the menu.
the delicious and refreshing elderflower mojito. my sister has sworn to me that when she drinks st. germain (the elderflower liqueur), she tastes the mountains. my experience was not quite so transcendental, but it was good. it was good. i sampled. twice in fact. i would drink it but probably wouldn't be my first choicepotatoes espana. glorified french fries, and the "ketchup" (aioli) was excellent. nice texture and spiciness. i believe i heard someone say i plan to lick the bowl once we finish the potatoes since the "ketchup" was so good. again i sampled, i liked. yes, that was me wanting to lick the bowl.

the aforementioned fucking amazing duck tacos. throw cilantro on anything and i'm happy. you think duck and you think taco and you conclude "nah". however that is not true at all. they were wonderful. if i go again i will likely order them.

charcuteria. the meats were good, but the onions (on the bottom, not the ones on the top) were slimy, mushy and not flavorful. not something i would order again.

shrimp seviche with avocado.

sometimes i need simple. hence the ceasar salad (sans anchovies). dressing was good. croutons were really good.
beth's pasta featuring oh-so-tender pork. ok if you go to look for this on the menu you won't find it. the sauce is from one of the seafood dishes. i had asked the server if i could substitute the seafood for chicken (thinking that would be an easy trade) and she suggested getting pork. i figured she knew best so i went along with her suggestion. it was def. a good call. it was, well, very tender, melt in your mouth sort of tender. the combination with the pasta and sauce was a good call much to my surprise.

the service was great. our server was very friendly and down-to-earth. the bathroom was a veritable kaleidoscope. i was glad that it wasn't extremely overpriced as well. when you hear jeff ruby's you think you might be putting out a bit of cash, but all of us left full and not feeling broke either.
bootsy's is definitely the glittery purple suit in cincinnati's closet. whether that's your thing or not is up to you.

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Tina Lane said...

Exotic mojitos? Sign me up por favor.