Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the yeast also rises

st. elizabeth of hungary died at the ripe old age of 24 after having three children, being widowed during the crusades, building a franciscan hospital, and tending to the sick. i am not sure how she got the gig as patroness of bakers. interestingly, she is also the patron saint of countesses, death of children, the falsely accused, the homeless, nursing services, tertiaries, widows, and young brides. busy lady.


WestEnder said...

"I wish I was a lesbian"


"Yeah, they get so much done in a day. There's no competition. With them, it's all teamwork."

--paraphrased from memory from a Kids in the Hall skit.

Wait a minute... how long has that Edward Hopper painting been up there? I didn't notice that. I like Hopper.

k said...

hopper has been there for maybe 6 months? it used to be "vegetables" by matisse, which i have a print of hanging in my kitchen, but i switched to "chop suey" because...well, because i like edward hopper. probably my favorite painter.