Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a saint a day keeps the devil at bay

i don't know what made me start thinking about this. i believe it was when i was eating that huge bacon sandwich last week i started wondering if there is a patron saint of bacon. someone who could intercede on my behalf and allow me to consume the entire sandwich and yet avoid the imminent gastrointestinal disturbance. alas, i do not believe any such saint exists, unless you count this. while amusing, not sanctioned by the catholic church.

i then searched for a patron saint of bloggers and came up with st. jerome. again, not officially registered as such at the big house in rome, although he was a prolific letter writer, so it makes sense. there is also no patron saint of foodies.

there are patron saints of a heck of a lot of other things, though. so, since i obviously have a lot of time on my hands this month and more than just a slight case of pharmacy school senioritis, i will regale you randomly with food-related saints. humor me. i'm bored and would like to procrastinate.

up first is the patron of where it all begins - the farmers. st. isidore was kind to animals and farmed the lands of a wealthy spanish nobleman. his miracles included feeding many poor people with a small amount of food and striking the earth to bring water forth. it is also said angels helped him with his work in the fields to make up the time lost while he was at mass.
whatever you may believe about angels and miracles, isidore was a man who shared what little he had with those less fortunate. he asked that riches offered to him be instead given to the poor. his prayer encourages "all farmers in their labors" and hopes to "help them to feed many people".
sounds good to me.

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Dork said...

Clearly, you are going to hell.

Put in a good word for me.

BTW, my catchpa word was "backolic."