Sunday, March 15, 2009

i spent a week in frankenmuth one day

last weekend brian and i ventured to frankenmuth, michigan's little bavaria, with our friends jessie and jerry. one day was plenty to take in all the fantastical german sights. here are some highlights.

our main reason for visting frankenmuth was to check out bronner's CHRISTmas wonderland. they have any christmas decoration or ornament you could ever dream of, from birds to canadian flags to karate-themed.

and i do mean anything.jessie and i outside the cheese haus, at one of the town's photo ops. the haus's horseradish cheese spread was my favorite.

at the frankenmuth fudge kitchen, they're always making something wonderful. we purchased pistachio, chocolate peanut butter, german chocolate, and black forest. most of which are sealed up to indulge in after lent.

totally speaks for itself.

even the kroger has been frankenmuth-ed.


liz said...

i love frankenmuth! did you guys go to the bavarian inn for the chicken dinner?

k said...

no! i wish we could have, but we didn't have much time, and we wanted to save room for tony's i-75 blt. we did get a soft pretzel from the bakery in the bavarian inn, however.