Wednesday, March 11, 2009

cod without god, week 2

last friday there was no church fish fry. a trip to michigan warranted a road stop at the long john silver's in piqua, ohio.
this sign greeted us.

i have not been to long john's in probably 18-20yrs. it still tastes exactly the same. i will always love the hush puppies and those little crunchy batter bits. i've had worse fast food fish (see filet-o-crap for details), so it was completely edible. i was surprised to see the little baggie of corn on the cob. over-cooked, of course, but possibly more nutritionally viable than the cole slaw.
the long john's had an a&w inside, a weird chimeric trend in the fast food nation. i assume this is an endeavor to dupe the public into believing diversity exists in a world of monotonous standardization. but it did allow me to order a side of fried cheese curds (not pictured), so it's all good.

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