Saturday, March 28, 2009

plaza mexico

i have kind of been on a mexican kick lately, so on the recommendation of jknepfle, brian and i went to check out plaza mexico.

the ambiance is very strip mall and it smelled strongly of cleaning chemicals when we walked in. of course, i would rather smell clean than the alternative. the menu has great lunchtime deals. luckily, it was lunchtime.

i have no problem with ordering liquor in the middle of the afternoon (ok, possibly before noon), so i had to try out a margarita. while it was reasonably priced and generously sized, it was watery and not very good. however, it was lunch, so maybe the professional margarita-mixer doesn't come in till later and i got a novice.
my carnitas was (were?) so tender with a vague sweetness. this is the first time i've tried carnitas, and it was very delicious but seemed fatty. maybe that's always the way it is. i think i would rather it be served more like pulled pork and less like a hunk of meat. the beans had a unique grilled taste. i thought the guacamole was commendable and the rice forgettable. in the interest of a thorough assessment, i also ordered a soft taco. while no part of the taco was particularly flavorful, the overall effect was satisfying.

brian had one of the combo platters. this is a chalupa and tostada. it was difficult to discern the difference, but he did enjoy his meal very i like it better than cancun? no. but it is a nice little place with a full spectrum of mexican staples. the friendly service and the food made for a delightful lunch.
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Katy said...

What was their salsa like? I am a salsa snob and I have only found a couple places that do it the way I like it, but they don't every time either.

k said...

the salsa was just ok. i've had better, and i've had worse. it is well-pulped, not chunky. cilantro is prominent.
i will add, i did not care much for the chips accompanying the salsa. not salty enough for my tastes :)

Katy said...

You lost me at cilantro. I hate the stuff. Good to know, saves me a trip! Ever been to El Rancho Grande? Their salsa is usually my favorite (they have off days). Los Panchos is closer to home and their salsa is good sometimes.

JKNEPFLE said...

Glad you didn't dislike it, but sorry if you're just being nice. :)

I shoulda warned you that I think carnitas is my least favorite thing on the menu. The Carne Asada is much better.

k said...

katy - which el rancho grande? i think one opened recently on harrison ave, and maybe there is one in harrison?? i don't know if it's the same people. i will have to check it out. one of my favorite salsas is cactus pear, because it's so different.

josh - i'm never "just polite" unless it involves my grandparents :) i will have to try the carne asada next time we go. but please tell me the margaritas are better usually!

JKNEPFLE said...

You know...I've never had a margarita there! I know...blasphemy! But, gettin liquored up doesn't combine well with 3 kids, age 6 and under. :)

My wife LOVEs the cheesesteak burrito. It's SUPER rich, though.