Thursday, March 19, 2009

there were hanky pankies on the menu

really the title of this post says it all. for st. patrick's day, brian and i went to top shelf sports grille. the green beer was crappy (does green beer ever taste good??) and my burger was totally jtm-frozen-patty-ish. BUT they did have hanky pankies, a guilty pleasure of mine. not the traditional velveeta mixture, they consisted of a spicier sausage topped with melted colby jack(?). quite good. oddly served on a bed a lettuce with an unidentifiable dipping sauce.

the st. patty's day crowd mixed with the live music was a bit much - pure cacophony. the only reason i would return to top shelf is to again experience the glorious hanky pankies. i'm a total pushover for meat, cheese, and rye bread.

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