Monday, March 23, 2009

hot damn

for the first time this season i hear the ice cream man! the haunting melody of "turkey in the straw" is drifting through my window and i hear the kids screaming and running outside (hopefully they are running to the truck and not away from something).

my mom says the cheerful music makes her think of something evil and creepy.


WestEnder said...

I used to play that song on my toy record player when I was a kid ALL the time. I LOVED that song. And yes, there was an eerie, creepy thing about it that made it especially appealing. No idea why.

A few years ago our neighborhood ice cream truck played "When Johnny comes marching home again" but it was off-key and the recording would slow down, then pick up, then slow down... he never fixed it and he never turned it off. I wanted to kill myself.

Lewis said...

Also, Putz's opened on Monday. Spring time is here!

5chw4r7z said...

One more thing I'll miss about the Gramercy, we could hear the ice cream truck coming down 7th St. but could never get down fast enough to stop him.
Here's hoping he comes down either 4th or Central.

k said...

lewis - i've already been to zip dip. hurray for spring!

westender and schwartz - i hope the ice cream truck fairy makes all your dreams come true this year.