Tuesday, March 17, 2009

cafe istanbul

the long awaited post.......we went to cafe instanbul (at newport on the levee) after the beer tour (yes that a few weeks ago). the first pic was the appetizer we ordered was a feta cheese pastry. as you can see we were starved and only able to snap a pic seconds before the last one disappeared.

even though there were four of us we only ordered two entrees. brian and i had the gyros and fries. pitas were nice and filled and the sauce was fantastic. i had expected the traditional cucumber sauce and this was a red sauce. brian actually had two. the look on the waiter's face was priceless.

eric and krissy had the sultan's pleasure. lamb and eggplant with the red sauce and green peppers. both of them really enjoyed it. this is krissy's signature dish. orders it everytime she comes (ok to be fair i don't know about EVERY time, but let's go with often). everytime. i love it.

we were there on a sunday night so it wasn't really crowded at all. service was good. the patio would be nice on a spring day. food was reasonably priced. i couldn't find the menu online. when i googled it i found a chain that seemed similar but didn't have the newport location listed, but everything else was the same.

bottom line. we'll go back.

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