Sunday, March 15, 2009

cod and god, week 3

on the lenten hit list this week was our own parish, st. catharine of siena. the holy wooden fish pointed the way.

this was displayed below a "got milk?" poster of miley cyrus in the school cafeteria.little knobs of cod, heavily fried. the batter was quite thick and crispy. they were good, but the floppy rye bread (it's that german rye, made by either klosterman or butternut, i can't remember which) had a difficult time standing up to it. i didn't try the tartar sauce this time.real baked mac 'n' cheese! breadcrumbs and all. just needed salt.alas, no beer at this fry.


WestEnder said...

No beer? Oh, man... it's okay, it's still 51% Catholic so it counts.

valereee said...

No beer? At a fish fry?!

k said...

i know, right? i couldn't believe there wasn't any beer. that's a major catholic money-maker.