Saturday, February 13, 2010

what's been going on with me

ok, so if anyone out there is still reading this blog after my abysmal lack of entries, here is an update.

good news: i'm pregnant. bad news: i'm miserable. i have lost considerable weight and throw up at least once a day. and while i do spend 60-70% of my waking hours thinking about my stomach and food, i can assure you this is completely devoid of pleasure.

this is a sad state of affairs for someone who loves to eat as much as me.

most days the only thing that sounds remotely palatable is a vanilla jell-o pudding pop, which we all know is tragically off the market. curse bill cosby.

there have been some wondrous days when i can actually eat something worthwhile, like a couple sundays ago i was able to fully enjoy a taste of belgium waffle with strawberries while visiting findlay market. but alas, these days are few and far between, and it seems like every good day is followed by a really awful day ( today). it's a very different experience to, as my friend mike puts it, eat to live rather than live to eat. it's even difficult right now for me to tell if i'm hungry or if i'm nauseated.

yes, i know in the end it will all be worthwhile. i just sure as hell hope it's twins because i'm going to have a difficult time convincing myself to go through this again.