Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bottle shock

brian and i happened upon the charming "bottle shock" at the video store last week (yes, we still go to the video store). i wanted to get it because it is about wine, and brian wanted to get it because it stars alan rickman as french wine store owner steven spurrier. he loves alan rickman. he will watch harry potter with me just to see alan rickman slither on in.

anyway, i am quite uneducated. i had never heard of the paris tasting of 1976, which started as a publicity stunt until the californian wines triumphed over french wines in the blind test. the movie tells the story of the chateau montelena and their perfect 1973 chardonnay, a bottle of which now resides in the smithsonian. the movie is cute and likeable, much like chris pine as the slacker son who saves the day.

other things i didn't know: 1) wine can turn brown if it isn't exposed to any air at all. it turns back after a couple days. 2) bottle shock occurs when wine is transported and results in a temporary muting or disruption of the flavors.

intense quote (by the foreman, gustavo): you have to have it in your blood, you have to grow up with the soil underneath your nails, the smell of the grapes in the air that you breathe. the cultivation of the vine was an art form. the refinement of the vine is a religion that requires pain and desire and sacrifice.

random side note: chris pine is rumored to be cast in the 2010 green lantern film. sweet!!

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