Saturday, April 4, 2009

cod and god, week 4

i'm so behind. fish fry photos are piling up and i can't organize myself sufficiently to process them. so here, in brief, is the our lady of lourdes fish fry. lourdes is where i attended grade school, as did my mother. that's the westside for you.
first, the menu. salmon AND crab cakes? wow. i should have stuck with the fried cod, but i was lulled in by the siren's call of the crab cake.
crab cake = dry inside and crispy outside. i also got take-out and forgot to pick up condiments, so i didn't even have tartar sauce to alleviate my desert-ed crab.
mac and cheese = stouffer's.
fries = meh.

yummy (previously) frozen cheese sticks. a creative twist to the normal fish fry fare.
finally, fried shrimp. cocktail sauce would have been a delightful addition.lourdes gets points for breaking out of the normal fish fry mold with unique offerings. the salmon did look pretty tasty and i wish i could have sampled some of everything. they were also very well organized by the boy scouts, with separate eat-in and take-out lines.
again, no beer. what the heck?

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