Sunday, April 26, 2009


brian and i are too poor to eat sushi at beluga before his brother's shindig, so we decided to check out sushi westside style at sakura, the japanese steakhouse (complete with hibachi) and sushi bar that opened where dante's used to be. we have heard mixed reviews about the food and service, so we needed to see for ourselves.

i haven't been in dante's since i was a kid and went there for breakfast with my grandparents after church, but i am pretty certain the chandeliers in the dining room are the same. no matter. the interior is much more minimalist than the heavy red and gold i remember.

sakura gets points for cocktail creativity. i have never before had a wasabitini.

composed of ciroc vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a dissolved "pea of wasabi", the effect is quite scintillating. very pleasurable and unusual, like the essence of sushi in a glass. one was enough, though. it's drink a lot of.

first course was the jj's salad - spicy crab and cucumber. held together by something i suspect was mayonnaise, which gave it a heavier flavor and texture than one would expect from crab and cucumber. brian really liked it, although he struggled with his chopsticks transferring it from plate to mouth.

we ordered the eel and cucumber roll, smoked salmon, and bluefin tuna. all were fine, nothing out of the ordinary. the fish was probably not the freshest i have ever had, but it was by no means bad.

we were pleased with the service. it was efficient and i was never without water. and the sushi chef was friendly. sakura is connected to poppy's by a glass wall, where there is a distinctly different menu. we saw club sandwiches going by to be delivered to the bar. there was live music and some folks were dancing. in 10 years it will be a great place for us to hang out.

band member telling me "no photos, please". awkward.

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lasallemom said...

Thanks for the review. While I have never been there myself, seems as if everyone I know who lives in Green Twp has and loves that place.
Have you been to Thai Taste on Crookshank? That place is always busy and when I have gotten the sushi it is good.
We need more sushi on the Westside!!!

CincyCapell said...

I've been scared to try that place, scared of the quality & freshness of the fish. As a fellow Westsider I feel comfortable saying that I just don't see sushi flying over here. Too many meatballs around here are scared to try it.

k said...

lasallemom - i have been to thai taste but haven't tried their sushi yet. i agree we need more sushi!
cincycapell - it never fails to amaze me how resistant people can be to trying new things. they just don't know what they are missing.

lasallemom said...

You know the funny thing is I felt the same way...sort of ugly small strip center\ I don't like Crookshank very much..a yucky road..all that sort of stuff. Well, about a year ago my sister-in-law suggested eating there. I of course gave her all my reasons why not and I asked her why she suggested there. Her reply was my niece,who was still at Ursula, and all her friend go there all the time to eat. Well, that was good enough for me. It is always busy so I am never really worried about the freshness of fish. The amazing thing it looks as if the sushi guy is always busy meaning Westsiders eat sushi..who would have thought?? *wink* They don't have a liquor lic but just like Rondos you can BYOB..and NO corkage fee!! Yippee!
Oh by the way, they have the crockscrew and actual wine glasses.
Give it a whirl...