Saturday, April 4, 2009

keystone bar and grill

this place is just cool. if i had an older brother, i'd want him to be just like keystone bar and grill - listening to classic rock, a photo of johnny cash on the wall, rooms decorated with original artwork. i'd like my super cool older brother to make mac and cheese with things like potato chips and spinach in it and name his creations after bands like nirvana and green day.however, i would like the mac and cheese to taste good. i can't say quite as much for the keystone grill. i got the plain old lovin' spoonful, and i wasn't feeling the love. it was ok, but really kind of bland. i had to ask the server to bring salt and pepper to the table, and even that didn't help much. what a disappointment.

my sandwich, however, was quite scrumptious. i'm a sucker for a turkey reuben and this one was well put together as well as visually stimulating, with marble rye and red cabbage slaw. the sandwich that intrigued me the most but i doubted my ability to actually consume was
the duveneck, "an open face sandwich with potato salad, pastrami, corned beef, sauerkraut and whole grain mustard stacked on marble rye". that's a lot of crap on a sandwich.

other random notes: mac and cheese is half price mondays, quesadillas half price on tuesdays. we sat by the fireplace and i hit my head twice on the mantle. i was unimpressed by the barbecue sauce. our server kept bringing me water, which increased her tip exponentially. somehow all my pictures were out of focus. i did not buy a painting, although i could have because the canvases were all for sale.

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jeff said...

Of course you would have to endure the mac and cheese punching you on the shoulder for no reason and hitting on all of your little friends.

Seriously, I'm starting to think good Mac and Cheese is a lot harder than it seems.

Nice photos, btw. :D


5chw4r7z said...

Don't do mac n cheese but their burgers are good.
If its cold outside, don't sit anywhere near the door, everytime it opens you get a cold blast. Not fun at all.