Tuesday, April 14, 2009

pottsville, pa: second star to the right, and straight on till morning

i have discovered the tinkerbell of beer; light, effervescent, and slightly sassy. deliciously girly, yuengling lager might just be my new favorite summer beer. founded in 1829, yuengling is recognized as america's oldest brewery and has remained a family owned company for the duration.

look at that sparkle!

i could drink a number of these. easily.


WestEnder said...

Oldest brewery? Family-owned? Cool factoids, I did not know that. I will look for this venerable libation during the West Side Pub Crawl.

JKNEPFLE said...

There's a west side pub crawl?

5chw4r7z said...

Funny story, Steelers vs. Bengals 2007.
Tina's on 4th.
Guy in a Steeler's shirt asks for a Yuengling and the bartender says what the hell is that?
A famous Pennsylvania beer he says.
She leans over the bar and says "Honey you're in Cincinnati now" with everyone cheering and clapping.

But it is good beer, we used to drive past the brewery to get to my wife's parents outside reading.

Lewis said...

If there is a place to get Yuengling in Cincinnati, please, please, please tell me.

I'm not sure I like it being described as girly, but it is easy to drink, and I miss it so much.

k said...

all - i don't know of anywhere in cincinnati to get yuengling currently except my refrigerator. ours was brought from north carolina as a gift.

if anyone knows someplace to get it, please let me know!

josh - cheviot bar crawl may 15th. check out http://cincinnatiimports.blogspot.com/2009/04/save-date-westside-bar-crawl.html

lewis - sorry about the girly comment :)

liberal foodie said...

busting some big dream bubbles now so please be patient with me. They don't sell Yuengling around here. We've done our research and reached that conclusion.

Whenever we go back home or visit family in Delaware, NJ or Pa, we bring back 2-3 24 packs because it's so good!

K- whenever you want to have the husband and I over for yuengling, I'll mark my calendars.

Veggie Option said...

You can buy Yuengling in bottles at The Party Source.

As far as draft, I've had it before at a Ruby Tuesdays in East Tennessee (of all places), but I'm not sure if the Ruby Tuesdays around here stock it or not. Worth finding out though, as that stuff rocks.

WestEnder said...

I couldn't find it in Party Source. I looked and looked. I thought about asking but instead I went back and looked again.

I ended up with something Belgian.