Sunday, April 26, 2009

beluga: not a review, a rant

pop quiz:
you are out at a swanky night spot with some girlfriends. you walk into a room where a dj is playing and have a seat at one of the tables. a few minutes later, someone asks you if you know this is a private party. do you:
a) apologize, explaining you were unaware
b) leave the room and enjoy the dj in the front room instead
c) get up and start dancing provocatively in the middle of the room
d) two of the above
e) none of the above

while you ruminate on your answer, i would like to tell you this is not a review of beluga, the swanky night spot in the above scenario. this is a review of bad behavior by adults who should clearly know better. last night, my brother-in-law's girlfriend hosted a party for him at beluga, with a dj set up in one of the back rooms. my brother-in-law is freshly arrived home from boot camp and is leaving again monday. four girls walk in and sit at the table next to me. nicki (brother-in-law's girlfriend) tells me she has no idea who they are. i casually tap one on the arm (the one wearing leg warmers) and explain this is a private party for my brother -in-law, etc. she says she didn't know, chats with her friends for a second, and a few minutes later they get up. they get up and start dancing. no one else is dancing. they continue to dance and hang out for an undetermined amount of time, as brian decided it was time for us to go.

ok, i know it's a club. i know there was a dj (that nicki was paying for) and the room wasn't completely packed with people wishing my brother-in-law well or roped off in any way. but, what the f? at least introduce yourself to the guest of honor if you're going to crash his party.


liz said...

ok, i have never heard of people acting like that. however, based on my one experience at beluga, i think it's possible that it was not the people but rather the mind-altering substances that they may have consumed that was causing the strange behavior.

WestEnder said...

Here is what happened: this was their way of introducing themselves (i.e. getting noticed) so that the host would introduce himself and ask them to stay so that they could get free drinks. That is my interpretation.

CincyCapell said...

The restaurant should have put a sign up stating that a private party was in progress, IMHO.

5chw4r7z said...

Were they pouting?
They sound like the pouty Indian Hills girls that took over Kates table at Twist after she told them she was waiting for friends.

I'm getting old and cranky but to me it seems like everyone under 25 is acting out MTV Spring Break no matter where they're at.