Monday, April 13, 2009

memories of breakfasts past

the perkins across from western bowl holds a lot of memories for me. late nights playing cards, family breakfasts, a cloud of cigarette smoke. my two most vivid memories: one i've already related here, and the other is the morning after junior prom when my friend sally's* screams echoed through the restaurant, horrified at the discovery of the large hickey on her neck which earned her date the nickname "jack the hoover vac".
much to my dismay, the easter morning breakfast planning committee dropped the ball this year and we ended up at perkins.
i have to say perkins has cleaned up its act since the old days. i'm sure the smoking ban has helped out immensely. the restaurant was clean and our server extremely courteous and on the ball.
i ordered the deli ham and lot of cheese omelet. it was fine, lots of ham. the hash browns were, i imagine, sort of like eating forkfuls of that mulch made from old tires.

brian's "tremendous 12". disappeared in 24.8 seconds.

the most disappointing aspect of the breakfast was the appalling lack of strawberry jam. remember when perkins used to have the little racks of jelly on every table? well, i guess the over 60 club stole one too many to stock their pantries, cause now the jelly comes on the plate. one measly dollop for four pieces of toast. and i don't even like grape. i'm sure if i asked, our kind server would have brought me strawberry, but that's not really the point.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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Heather said...

3 words: pineapple upside-down muffins

Catherine said...

Yes, the Perkins at the 'bowl is my spot for an omelette (lol the potatoes do leave something to be desired-I'd get the fruit, buy I hate honeydew melon!) I love the 3 pancake side - and A COKE! this is the only thing I order when I go there. I might go 4 x a year. I go there instead of therapy.
I go to Frisch's for a tuna melt on regular bread, veggie soup and a cherry coke _ and again , that is the only reason I go there---Do You do that too? Go to a rest. for just one food item? McDonalds for some hot fires on a cold rainy day? etc.