Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the holy grail

once upon a time, jknepfle charged me with the task of seeking the holy grail, promising me the rewards would be rich should i succeed at this quest. legend tells of the holy grail being nestled deep in a valley in the land of delhi. my first attempt failed miserably, as the way was shut and the chamber dark and empty. my second endeavor proved worthy, and banners ceremoniously welcomed me, proclaiming my triumph.
the cavern was lit with the light of glowing crests and keno screens. as was bespoken, the bounty was indeed plentiful. i was served twisted pretzels with a glorious, golden sauce, slightly spicy and a perfect complement.
illustrious paul goebel created reuben wontons, full to the brim with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and the dressing of a thousand islands. i found the combination gratifying, although my companion brian did not find it so.also presented was an incontrovertibly succulent beef patty cloaked in bleu cheese, garnering a 5/6 on the gradation governing all burgers in the kingdom. the accompanying barbeque sauce was neglected as it did not captivate the palate.a brew bubbling with blueberries was brought to me. it was overly sacchariferous and not the divine drink i remembered from my youth in the countryside of clifton. perhaps my youth or intoxication had rendered me indiscriminate.
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JKNEPFLE said...

Ha...glad you liked it! The burgers are consistently good...other stuff can be hit and miss (as you discovered!).

Heather said...

rueben wonton????? was it one big one??? i'm cornfused!

k said...

josh - thanks again for the recommendation!

heather - perhaps reuben hot pocket would be a better description? it's one big one.

Robin said...

Where is this located? The sad news....I'm in Delhi and don't know where this is. ha!

k said...

robin- i added an urbanspoon link with the address. i can't really give you good landmarks because i am terrible with delhi geography