Sunday, May 3, 2009

blast from the past

i must start this post by saying i do not drink pop. maybe once a month. maybe. if i really need a mcdonald's fountain coke or i go to frisch's and get a vanilla coke.
but i had to try throwback pepsi, made with natural sugar instead of the dreaded high fructose corn syrup. my first taste made me think of diet pepsi, only without the super-nasty aftertaste. that diety-taste disappeared, though, with the second taste. i pronounce the throwback pepsi positively delightful. and it tastes pretty good from a can.

since i am more a coke girl than a pepsi girl, i really hope they make throwback coke. i have been told the reason why coke in a glass bottle tastes so much better is because it has cane sugar and not corn syrup. however, i inspected this the other day and found the bottled coke does have high fructose corn syrup. so it's amazing taste remains a mystery.


Julie said...

If you buy the coke in a glass bottle imported from Mexico, it indeed is made with sugar instead of HFCS.

I've been interested in trying it-- maybe I'll pick up a throwback Pepsi at the grocery tonight!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find that Pepsi? I had read that Pepsi were going to be releasing this product, but I haven't seen it anywhere.

The Mexican Coke is great, it's the only pop that I'll drink anymore. Many Krogers are even carrying it now, although they charge $1.79 per bottle! The Party Source sells them for $1.49, and I found them at Jungle Jim's today for 99 cents, so I bought a whole case of them!!

Veggie Option said...

Girl, get yerself to Jungle Jims for throwback Pepsi AND bottles of Mexican Coke (or Mexi-Cola as we call it).

Steve's been buying Mexi-Cola from JJ's for over a year because it tastes the same as UK Coke (which is also made with sugar instead of HFCS). When we found Throwback Pepsi at JJ's last week we grabbed a couple of cases.

I don't drink sodas of any kind, but even I had to give them a try...and wow, they brought back floods of memories. To me, they taste just like 1978. :)

Oh yeah, if you like Mexi-Cola but don't like the higher cost, keep in mind that Coke offers 2-litres of it around Passover, because sugar is kosher but not HFCS. Look for the yellow caps. Steve got 10 bottles of it this year.

k said...

we got our throwback pepsi at target. and it should be on sale next week.

i've bought the mexi-coke once - i think i was at one of the swank kroger's. it was fantastic. i will have to go out to jj's for the good pricing.

veggie - thanks for the tip about kosher coke. that is good to know!

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