Tuesday, May 12, 2009

culinary tourism

midwest living this month lists the midwest's top five food towns. they are, as listed:
1)madison, wisconsin
2) traverse city, michigan
3) ann arbor, michigan
4) bloomington, indiana (this i totally agree with; you can get any kind of food there, except kosher)
5) des moines, iowa

the magazine then goes on to list 60 other restaurants/eateries "worth the trip". not one is in cincinnati, but there are 3 in dayton. what the hell?


liz said...

i can vouch for traverse city and ann arbor, both are awesome for eating.

re: no cincinnati, maybe they don't think of this as the midwest...?

Heather said...

i gotta check that out - one of my favorite restaurants ever is in des moines of all places! los compadres - dirty little dive bar with the best grinder sandwich i've ever tasted in my life.

Moose said...

It seems you missed the part of the article that said, "(Since most big cities have strong dining scenes, we skipped metro areas of 1 million or more.)". Could be why Cincinnati wasn't included???

k said...

moose - good call on the metro areas >1mil! i missed that as i have a tendency to skim introductory paragraphs :) (would also explain why no chicago eateries made the cut)

i guess i don't realize cincy's size - i don't think of us as that much bigger than madison or dayton or toledo, but clearly, we are.

heather - i didn't see los compadres listed in the des moines restaurants. you should protest.