Monday, March 16, 2009

bk big fish

the search for superior fast food fish continues. the bk big fish is big and the fish itself is tastier than the mcdonald's filet. much more like actual fish. the breading is also crispier and i liked the addition of lettuce. the tartar sauce, however, is inferior. actually, i'm not sure if it is tartar sauce or simply mayonnaise. no cheese on this one, and i have to admit i kind of missed that extra flavor and texture.

i would like to add that this fish was photographed and consumed while driving. such is the american way.


KrystalBall said...

Yeah, downside of the BK fish, you gotta ask for cheese.

WestEnder said...

My own personal testing over several years has determined that decent tartar sauce is more important than decent cheese in a fish sandwich circumstance.

When I make fish at home I make my own tartar sauce. I do not make my own cheese. But I know a guy who does. He's a bit of a nut.

k said...

i agree. tartar sauce is much more integral to fish sandwich enjoyment.

what's your secret to homemade tartar sauce?

Herb said...

I've been a fan of the "Big Fish" going back to when it was called the "Whaler." The fish on the sandwich at Captain D's is much better, but good luck finding a Captain D's.

k said...

herb- i was navigating norwood today, and there was a captain d's! i thought about your recommendation and was going to stop, but it was only 9:30am. at least now i know where to go.