Monday, March 2, 2009

god and cod, week 1

i have reached the conclusion that global warming can be attributed to friday night fish fries. pictured is the styrofoam aftermath of 1 person's meal (mine) at the st. james white oak fish fry last friday. and considering the undercroft of the church was absolutely packed, there is probably a special section of rumpke devoted to fish fry refuse.

i had fried fish, 2 pieces of bread, mac n' cheese, applesauce, and a slice of apple pie (all for $7.25). the best part was st. james offers SALTED rye as one of their bread options. yum. the beers were $2. score.

the fish was really good, crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. the mac n' cheese was warmly lunch lady-esque. all in all, st. james gets two thumbs up on the fish fry circuit. especially for the god and cod centerpieces.

after the fry, we ventured to piazza discepoli for their weekly wine tasting and special moerlein beer tasting. the moerlein tasting was supposed to include the new queen city stout, but unfortunately the representative was not able to get any. i did learn that moerlein is looking to move back to cincinnati and is going to be producing little kings, burger, and burger light. my grandpa will be so stoked!


Anonymous said...

OOOH Salted rye on a fish sammy. YUM. I get a loaf every now and then from Wassler's (it's closer than driving to NCH to get it there)

skinny fat chick said...

Mmm... between you and that Filet O' Fish commercial that is playing constantly, I am CRAVING fried fish. I'm not even Catholic but I went to my fair share of Fish Fry's growing up, and I may need to hit up a few this year.

Mindy said...

If you went to St. James fish fry in 2009 then it is time to try St. Catharine's Fish Fry in 2010! We started the God and Cod sayings and we have, I feel the best fish anywhere! Come by and try.