Sunday, March 8, 2009


i would like to have a conversation about the flaccid fish sandwich mcdonald's is peddling. it is truly appalling. bland fish of suspicious origin topped with unnatural, plasticky cheese. this can not be what lou groen had in mind when he created the filet-o-fish for catholic cincinnatians back in the early 60s. he originally envisioned a halibut sandwich, but today the sandwich is made from alaskan pollock (according to wikipedia). and unlike the picture below, the bun totally eclipses the filet, leaving me to wonder 'where's the fish?' the only thing tasty on the sandwich is the tartar sauce.
i don't know how people (brian, my mom) can eat this craptacular sandwich, lent or not. if there is a filet-o-fish in my future, it will be hold the fish. tartar sauce and a bun will be just fine with me.


KrystalBall said...

I know what you mean. My mom loves em. BLECH We'd eat Frisch's more, but $4.50 for barely four ounces of fish is too dang expensive. I prefer the taste of Burger King's fish to McD's.

5chw4r7z said...

Ms 5chw4r7z eats these also.
Disgusting!! Hello.

Curt McAdams said...

I hate the sandwich, but I love the commercial!

Not being Catholic, I don't have to worry about fish on Friday, but a good fish sandwich is good any time. This is one area where Frisch's actually does a good job.

k said...

maybe i will go on a quest for a "delicious" fast food fish. i have also heard wendy's is pretty decent.