Friday, March 6, 2009

riley's in greenhills

this month i am on a geriatrics rotation, so i am delving into the world of dementia. yesterday i went on rounds at the alois alzheimer center in greenhills. i will not go into details, because this is a happy blog, but i will say if i ever suffer from dementia i would like to live there because it is absolutely wonderful.
the doctor was two hours late for rounds (got stuck at the hospital), so my classmate and i went scouting breakfast. we decided on riley's, a nearby mom and pop perkins-esque place. the minute i walked in i was immediately in love because they collect cookie jars! the jars are displayed throughout the restaurant and i saw everything from batman to the honeymooners to bugs bunny. very cute.
it was 8:30 am and they had almost their full menu available, except for the soups which wouldn't be ready until 10. fantastic! no eggs and bacon for me. i ordered the pretzel rye with smoked ham. the ham was thick and browned and the pretzel rye bun was delicious. the whole thing was topped with mustard and wasabi mayonnaise, making a perfect, er, breakfast sandwich. and i'm kind of embarassed to admit this, but i also got a side of goetta, which was goetta. nothing out of the ordinary.
riley's also has a bakery with some pretty nice looking cakes and pies. they are community conscious as well - during lent, $.50 of every big ash fish sandwich (1/2 pound of fish!) goes to the greenhills community service organization.
i will be going back to riley's for two reasons, maybe three. 1) brian will love it. 2) they have an all-you-can-eat lenten buffet on fridays from 5-8, which brian will love. 3) they have a drink menu including a cherry lime soda called the 'superhero sipper' which i will love.

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