Sunday, May 11, 2008


this may be difficult to believe, but i have lived on the westside almost my whole life (i lived in mt. lookout for a few years during grad school, and i served my time in clifton during undergrad) and have never eaten at cancun, the premier mexican restaurant of western hills. i'm not sure if i was deterred by the fact i don't like mexican or by the fact it's attached to western bowl. the situation was rectified last night, however, when brian suggested it for dinner.
the first pleasant surprise was the restaurant did not smell like a bowling alley. i enjoyed a tequila-laden margarita while i perused the extensive menu. i had the vallarta special, which was chicken enchiladas, pico, guacamole, and sour cream. brian had the carne tampiquena, which was comprised of seasoned ribeye and a chicken enchilada. he also had a beef burrito. the food was actually good. i normally don't like corn tortillas because they seem soggy, but these were firm and the dish had a nice blend of flavors. cilantro made the pico fresh and light. brian even said he liked it more than don pablo's, which is very high praise indeed. overall, it was a very positive experience. i might even go back for the live mariachi music on wednesday nights.

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JKNEPFLE said...

The fajitas and carnitas there are the best.

And, you forgot to mention the GINORMOUS cups they use for pop!