Friday, May 30, 2008

gajah wong

i haven't really posted anything in awhile, so here is my review from yelp of gajah wong, which is quite delicious and worth checking out...
"i was not sure what to expect, as i have never had indonesian before. we hypothesized in the car as we were navigating northside (aka unable to find the restaurant and driving around in circles) that it might be like thai or maybe chinese with a french twist. however, it was not anything like that. it was really delicious, and a combination of flavors i had not experienced start with the cocktails, i had a pimm's cup. it was cool and refreshing, not too sweet. i have never had a cocktail with a cucumber in it. for dinner, there are different sauces and then you chose the meat. i had shrimp in a sauce called adhun, described as 'grandma's recipe'. it also seems that the side dishes differ based on the sauce chosen, because we did not all have the same sides. there are also other entrees, such as a beef-oriented dish called rendang. the rice came in a banana leaf teepee. for dessert, i had a ginger cake (which was pretty big- probably better for two. or i was just stuffed from dinner), but the real star was the kahlua cake a few people in our party chose. the restaurant has a great atmosphere and a fantastic outdoor patio. i will definitely be back to enjoy some drinks on a summer evening.the other location of the restaurant is in indonesia. our server told us the name translates literally as 'elephant man'. somehow i feel something is lost in the translation.
my only caveat is, it was more expensive than we expected. but it was worth it."

p.s. i had brought my camera to take pics of the food and restaurant, but my dumbass forgot to put the memory card in. urg!!


Veggie Option said...

One of my friends and I have been meaning to visit this restaurant but we keep getting sidetracked into other places.

Are there any vegetarian dishes?

k said...

there are. fried tofu is one of the choices to mix with the sauces, and the sauces that are not vegetarian are marked. there are also some salads that are meat free.