Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sayler park and swordfish

i popped my farmer's market cherry today and dragged brian to the sayler park farmer's market. sayler park is an absolutely beautiful neighborhood, and the market consisted of a few tables in the park facing some gorgeous victorians. i visited carriage house farm's table first. i had actually met richard stewart a couple weeks ago at the program at imago in price hill, which is where i got the idea to go to the market (more on imago later). i bought some icicle radishes, which i had never seen before, and some spinach. the next table had heirloom tomato seedlings in solo cups. despite the fact i will probably make a disaster of rearing it and will likely yield no fruit, i could not resist purchasing one - cherokee purple. it sounded exciting and interesting. it's my first attempt at an actual fruit/veggie. the herbs are not going too well, so we'll see.

for dinner i utilized my spinach and radishes as a side dish for dill and garlic swordfish on the grill, complemented with fat tire amber ale. the fat tire we picked up in colorado. very yummy, although brian did not eat his salad. he had extra potatoes to make up for it.



valereee said...

LOL on having extra potatoes to make up for not eating his salad! My sister spent her entire youth turning up her nose at our homegrown asparagus, not learning she liked them until she was in college. Which was fine with the rest of us -- we just shrugged and said, "More for me!"

Jaime said...

Where is the farmer's market in Sayler Park? I live in Price Hill and haven't found one close by, I usually end up driving to Newtown or Lunken!

k said...

the market is on tuesdays from 4-7 on parkland, which i think is off monitor. directions are at:

i think it's new this year, so it's not very big yet. but at least it will be a little closer!