Tuesday, May 20, 2008

where everybody knows the vegetables' names

if you are a westsider who is looking for a produce department team who knows what a mango fruit or zucchini is, i recommend country fresh market. it is in the plaza where drug emporium used to be. they have a great selection, knowledgeable staff (well, not always the cashiers), and you are unlikely to encounter a cart traffic jam. i made the mistake of going to western hills kroger on a sunday, and that is a disaster i will never repeat.
country fresh has stellar prices (mangos 3 for $1 - remarkable!) that are ablaze in fluorescent paint across the windows. i particularly enjoy the fresh herbs by the bundle, deli counter that actually has prosciutto, and miscellaneous pastas and cheeses. they carry some of my favorite things: mcvitie's caramel digestives, nikos mythrias (i have to doublecheck the spelling on that) cheese, windy acres farm's toasted corn, and take-n-bake crusty breads. the best part is they have pay-less-eat-more voortman's cookies by the pound, right by the register. i never leave without picking up some coconut creams and some windmills (please tell me you know what windmill cookies are!).

p.s. i am not sure if this country fresh market is associated with the one in beechmont.

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