Thursday, May 8, 2008

Greetings from Buenos Aires

We made it to Buenos Aires the other day. The food here is magnificent. I've also learned a few things along the way as well....

First, Chitterlings (or chittlins as we say) are not that bad as long as you are not thinking about what they are. Wikipedia describes Chitterlings as "the insestines of the pig that is prepared as food." The ones i tried (unknowingly at first) the other night were those of a cow. It was suggested to me that I splash some lemon on it to increase flavor, it worked and tasted good. My previous experience with this food involved a smell so foul during preparation the thought of actually eating it was not an option. So the other night we ordered a parrillada (the Argentines actually pronounce this "par-ee-sha-da" because they pronounce the Spanish "ll" as "sh") -- see link below for more info and a picture -- it was too dark to take one at the time. Essentially a grilled mix of beef, chicken and sausage.

We also learned that when paying with a credit card you can not add tip on. This resulted in a fairly embarssing and involved conversation between the waiter and me. Now I know.

The local beer is Quilmes -- we ordered it today for lunch to try it out. Think Schlitz.

Here is a picture of lunch -- thin flat bread with either chicken and steak (in our case) with toppings. Mine had tomatoe, red pepper and olives and Eric's had ham, cheese and egg.

I'll try and post more exciting pictures later this week.

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