Saturday, May 17, 2008


that glorious time of year has arrived again, when every corner of the westside is peppered with placards and church parking lots are littered with discarded split the pot tickets - festival season! the season kicks off this weekend with st. catharine's and our lady of victory. let's just take a moment to pay homage to the wonderful diversity of fatty, fried festival foods, including the 8th wonder of the world, funnel cake. the ecstasy of pulling bars and bells tabs, fingers sticky with powdered sugar and grease, is tantamount to nothing. french fries, fried pickles, corn dogs...and who can resist a fried mars bar? the insatiable american curiosity for the chemical reactions that take place in a deep fryer is amazing. the beautiful thing about festival food is, it is the perfect complement for the ulimate catholic fund-raiser, beer.


valereee said...

Festival season is always a great excuse for heading over to the other side of Vine. We try to hit Panegyri every year for sure.

I envy the West Side their fish fries, too. We have a couple of good ones over in this area, but even at those everyone's always saying, "But for a really good fry, you have to go to the West Side.

Lewis said...

My brother-in-law worked the St. Catherine's festival and he said the beer was seriously flowing and everyone was looking to party. Good times!

k said...

panegyri is my favorite festival! i love the food, the wine, and the dancing!