Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a vegetable i love to hate

green bell peppers. i hate them. i was over-exposed as a child and have never recovered. my grandma mary (yes, it's another story involving my grandparents) put them in EVERYTHING, from breakfast potatoes to chicken salad to thanksgiving stuffing. yuck. similar to the way they are exploited by airlines and red lobster to bring flavor to otherwise tasteless dishes, my grandmother shamelessly touted peppers like a sideshow hawker. i can't even stand the smell of them.

i will also have you know, i once asked a produce department employee at kroger for a mango, and i was presented with a green pepper. no wonder people think the westside is backwards.


liz said...

hahahaha, i love the green pepper as mango story!

Lewis said...

Here's another vote against green peppers from the West Side!

I've also had troubles with Kroger employees knowing their fruits and vegetables. I think mine was zucchini.