Sunday, January 25, 2009

thai namtip. otherwise entitled "super coconut overload stomach ache".

it's really my own fault. i have always had that 'eyes bigger than my stomach' problem. plus, everything on thai namtip's menu sounded awesome, so making an actual decision was difficult.

dilemma one: nice, healthy steamed edamame or crispy, fattening golden bags? golden bags. (which is kind of an oddly unpoetic name for meat filled fried wrappers. it's the word bags. i hate it. conjures up images of late nights and early mornings.)

dilemma two: nice, healthy vegetarian, tofu type dish or choo chee duck? duck. i'm a sucker for duck. especially duck with coconut, pineapple, etc.

dilemma three: should i order that amazing-sounding chicken coconut soup? why the hell not.

dilemma four: dessert? duh.

everything was very, very good, except i do have to say i prefer the golden bags at green papaya. the chicken coconut soup was as amazing as it sounds - mushrooms floating happily, bathed in rich liquid coconut infused with kaffir lime and lemongrass. i think there were some little chicken chunks, too (hence the name). my choo chee duck was level 5 out of 10 and not too spicy. dessert, the fried banana with ice cream, was sprinkled lavishly with coconut and delicious, although too much for one person (or maybe just one person after eating all the aforementioned food).

thai namtip - strip mall dining at it's finest. next time i'll try the recently added sushi, and limit my coconut intake.
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Laura said...

Thanks for the comments! I looove that ice too--I wish more places used it! We did have more fun at the deadwood than we thought. I think part of the allure is that we didn't know anyone there...

Ginger said...

That place sounds really good. Now I just have to figure out how to get there from Loveland. I love reading your blog about these places, it makes me want to eat out more!! Thanks for sharing.

CincyCapell said...

We just discovered Thai Namtip and we love it! We have been looking for a good ethnic restaurant sine we moved to the Westside. Heck, we've just plain been looking for a decent restaurant on the Westside!! Too bad they don't have a liquor licence, but we bring Singha beer along with us, which really works with the food.

What can you tell us about Green Papaya?

k said...

cincycapell - green papaya is great. and they have bubble tea, which i haven't found at any of the other little thai places in cincinnati. they have a salad there that i love, so refreshing and light (of course i don't remember the name right might be the green papaya salad??). the only thing there that i've had that's not so great are the spring rolls.