Monday, January 19, 2009

i may become a breakfast convert

breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day. i eat at least something, cereal or yogurt or fruit, but as far as big bob evans events, i've never really been a fan. i love brunch, but that's because i can get away with ordering lunch food and no one thinks that it's strange.
enter vitor's bistro at its new location (at the former rondo's). a hip, tuscany-colored interior with cool ceilings and floors. nifty orchids on the tables. "let's get physical" playing quite inexplicably in the background (really, who wants to picture olivia newton john in leg warmers while ordering breakfast?).

i haven't been to vitor's for breakfast previously, and when some friends suggested it, brian and i were definitely game. i'd heard so much about their french toast, i couldn't wait to try it. saturday night i was dreaming that they were out of the french toast and i couldn't order it (there's a strange peek into my psyche for you).
the french toast did not disappoint. light, not soggy, coated in crunchy frosted flakes and swimming in creme brulee topping with whipped cream and bananas, it's simply intoxicating. and it's not too sweet, which can be a trap with some breakfast foods. the fruit accompanying it was also good, considering the season. all in all, an A+ meal.

there was a parade of various servers and busboys who stopped by our table, including vitor himself. however, no one ever returned to take our checks, which was confusing because they hadn't told us we needed to pay up front.

i can't comment on any of their other breakfast items as all four of us had the french toast.

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JKNEPFLE said...

Finally SOMEONE's been to the new Vitor's! :) Brunch sounds great. Now you have to go for dinner and give us the full report. :)

5chw4r7z said...

Not only is breakfast my favorite meal of the day, its my favorite meal of the MONTH!!
Man that French Toast looks good, its a little pricey, so if I drive over there it better be worth it.
Have you tried the French Toast at Greenup yet?

k said...

josh- looking forward to trying dinner!

5chw4r7z- in my opinion, it is worth every penny of the 7 dollars and 25 cents. i haven't tried greenup french toast yet, but french toast may be my new favorite thing...