Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hmm...would you eat this?

back in the fall beth and i spent some time canning. i discovered the peaches i had stashed in my pantry now look like this:thus my question. the lids are still sealed, so i'm not sure what's up with the discoloration. the lemon juice was supposed to prevent browning. and it's the ones near the top, so maybe the liquid settling did it?

hope everyone is staying safe and warm!


liz said...

i think they are fine. my great aunt used to can peaches all the time and they always looked like this.

WestEnder said...

It probably depends on the ratio of lemon juice to oxygen in the jar. Oxygen is an oxidizer (duh) and lemon juice is an antioxidant.

The solution is to have someone (like Liz) eat the first jar and see what happens.

Broadway Carl said...

Q: "hmm... would you eat this?"

A: No.

liz said...

i would normally be happy to be the guinea pig but i remember reading in the road that you could like die and shit from eating bad canned food. of all the life lessons you could have gotten from that book, that is what i came away with.

valereee said...

Canned peaches often darken. If you followed a reliable recipe, they're fine. Fruit spoils in ways that are detectable (it grows mold) and seldom dangerous.

What you have to worry about are low-acid canned foods. Those grow botulism, which is both undetectable and highly toxic. Fruits are high-acid.