Wednesday, January 21, 2009

stupid gps

monday night i met some friends up in norwood for dinner. yes, even i can manage to find my way to and from norwood. no thanks to my not-so-trusty gps. more on that later.

i got to betta's italian oven just fine. it's a jolly place with wood-fired pizzas and basic italian kitchen dishes. they are no longer byob, so it was good i forgot the bottle of wine i had set out otherwise it might have been awkward.

we shared a carafe (or two) of a house red. i think it was called will's red. it was an acceptable table wine, although it tasted downright terrible after eating my salad with sweet 'n' sour garlic dressing. the dressing was so acidic it burned my chapped lips and didn't really tickle my taste buds too much.i opted for the four seasons pizza, a pie divided in sections (um, 4) with different toppings on each - kalamata olives (whole! pitted!), basil, tomatoes, and prosciutto. it wasn't exactly what i expected because due to my poor reading comprehension skills, i thought all 4 toppings were on the whole pizza. but whatever. the crispy crust was great. the sauce and cheese were just ok.

mark got the diavolo sauce and i really liked its spiciness in contrast to my rather bland red sauce.

the calzones looked pretty yummy, big and gooey. although, there was a lack of presentation detracted from its favorite part of the meal was my dessert (dessert is the whole point of the meal, after all). all the desserts were good and generous portions, but mine was exceptional. the amaretto cake was moist and almond-y without the limp handshake feel some alcohol soaked desserts have. the wine was also not so good after eating the cake.
word is, betta's will soon be expanding with a full bar and coffee counter with pastries for those early norwood mornings. not something i am likely to enjoy, as my stupid gps cannot get my ass home. it kept trying to put me on the highway by the frisch's, where there IS NO LONGER AN ENTRANCE. i circumnavigated dark norwood streets with the white witch who lives in my gps intoning "calculating route" with each corner i circled. finally, i decided to just take montgomery until i reached something i recognized and came home through clifton. technology frequently does not improve my quality of life. (ok, i know the gps has to be updated, but it's so frustrating!)

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lauren said...

Your pizza looks delicious... bummer that it wasn't what you expected, but as long as it tasted good, I guess you netted out some pretty positive results. The dessert sounds great!

It's been a while since I've been to Betta's. I'll have to try again soon.