Sunday, January 25, 2009

bella luna

i was feeling extra enchanting saturday night with my new eyeshadow, so i was eager to make an appearance at dinner with my mom and family friends at bella luna. the restaurant won me over immediately with its quirky, fun decor, like the old radio used as a hostess stand and the mismatched plates.

the place was absolutely packed, and they were running behind on reservations. we arrived at 8:15 for our 8:30 reservations and were seated at 8:55. but the staff was pleasant through the whole waiting experience, and it wasn't a big deal.

mainly i am just going to put up my pictures. suffice to say this was a delightfully beguiling two and a half hour eating experience. towards the end of the meal i just wanted to curl up on the cushioned booth and dream, bewitched.
the bellini tini.prosciutto wrapped asparagus.antipasto.spinach with apricots, pinenuts, and figs.

saltimbocca with risotto.tiramisu, of course.
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Maria Martinez said...

I love Bella Luna! My parents took Carlos and me there about 6 months ago and we very much enjoyed it. I see you opted for the martini, but we went for the "Wine in a Bucket" grab game.

Ginger said...

Once again, this is another place I would like to try. The martini looks really good and I might need one with today being a snow day from school. My seventeen year old son just thinks he is driving all day today. Go figure?? Thanks for sharing this.

liz said...

wow, go bella luna! everything looks amazing!