Thursday, January 8, 2009

food & wine february

as part of my new year's resolutions, i plan on reading my food & wine every month, extracting the recipes/articles i want to save, and donating the rest to jessie, who is a high school teacher and collects magazines for student projects. i also have about 2 years of back issues to go through more seriously than a lazy flip while watching tv.

interesting tidbits this month:
"poor food" - in these economically strained times, we should celebrate using modest resources with "intelligence and creativity" - think mock oyster. a great thought, complemented by an article describing a dinner party featuring french chef michel bras (inventor of the chocolate molten cake), whose star creation for the evening elevated the humble onion. nevermind the dinner was served using linen napkins silkscreened with the menu and guest list (really, could we be more extravagant?).

recipes i can't wait to try:
six layer coconut cake with passion fruit filling (sounds ethereal)
yogurt-marinated lamb kebabs with lemon butter (too much meat on a stick is not possible)
goat cheese cheesecake with honeyed cranberries (i already bought the goat cheese, much to brian's chagrin)

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Ginger said...

You have got to tell me how the goat cheese cheesecake turns out!! That sounds really good.