Thursday, February 12, 2009

that's a spicy pickle!

some of my fellow pharmacy school classmates and i went on a field trip to the lloyd library, which is a super cool one-of-a-kind collection of botany and herbal texts.
on our return to clifton, we stopped for lunch at spicy pickle. i was pleasantly surprised with its unique sandwich combinations and tasteful deliciousness. the corn and green chile bisque was quite good; flavorful, not overly spicy, with a touch of cilantro. my sandwich, the yard bird, was chicken, bacon, spinach, green apples, and bleu cheese with honey mustard. unexpected and very fresh, and on ciabatta! quite gratifying.
i even tried a bite of the "soon to be famous" spicy pickle, which tasted like...a pickle. unexceptional pickle aside, spicy pickle may be my new favorite chain sandwich shop, trumping potbelly.
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WestEnder said...

I had a good pizza there last year. They even used to have prosciutto as a topping (sadly, it's gone).