Sunday, February 15, 2009


we had reservations to eat at guidos in mt adams friday night. or so we thought. we walked up and down st. gregory and could not find it. finally we called the number and realized we are idiots. it is actually tavern on the hill. i don't know if it used to be called guidos, or if it is the name of one of the sections of the bar, or if we just live in a fantasy world of mythical restaurants that somehow have the same phone number as real ones.

anyway, we finally settled in the hillside room, the "elegant dining" portion of the tavern. i don't have much to say about the whole experience except the service was very nice but very slow, i enjoyed my glass of zen of zin, and the uninspired lasagna was roughly the size of my head.
(head not pictured)
the hillside room gets a big "it's alright".

brian also wanted me to post a picture of his kickass parallel-parking. here it is, at no extra charge. (pay no mind to the disgusting dirtiness of my car)

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soozycue520 said...

It used to be Guido's. You are not imagining it. I don't know why they changed the name, but it is the same as it was, menu and all.

Anonymous said...

You're not crazy... it used to be Guido's. I'd also recommend dining in their "casual" section, a.k.a. the bar. They have a fabulous pizza crust. During March Madness, they also have a 22 oz. Miller Lite special that happens to be large cans, not draft.