Wednesday, February 18, 2009


a few weeks ago we went to bacalls for dinner. after much discussion we made the right decision.

dinner started off with cheese cubes.......

i got a salad -- i love the croutons here. i want to say they have to be home made but i can't say for sure.

krissy and i both got the gyros.....and fries. it's all about comfort food at this time of year! i love to dip my fries in my left over tzatziki sauce......krissy got the mac 'n cheese. the mac 'n cheese was actually quite good, despite the server saying it wasn't her favorite thing. pretty salty, although i like things that way.

they were kind enough to be make the steak sandwich for brian even though it wasn't the special of the day.

and eric got the buffalo chicken wrap.

krissy ofcourse can't resist dessert. or waiting long enough to photograph it before i dig in.

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