Monday, February 16, 2009

spaghetti memories

the old spaghetti factory was one of my favorite restaurants when i was a kid and it was downtown, roughly where paul brown stadium stands today. i loved being able to sit in the old streetcar and twirl pasta coated in cheese.

on our way to jungle jim's yesterday, we stopped for a bite at the fairfield restaurant. i had high hopes. we got to sit in the streetcar. they have bendy straws. things were looking good.

i ordered an old favorite, the pasta with mizithra cheese and browned butter, paired with chicken marsala. the salad was too cold and basic crappy iceberg, but the bleu cheese dressing was ridiculously good (it's probably kraft). the chicken marsala was fine, whatever. but damn is that mizithra cheese good! i love the tangy-ness and the combination of textures. yummy. such a good comfort food.

the whole meal was reasonably priced, since the $10.75 for my entree included bread, a salad, AND spumoni ice cream. of course, i could have easily duplicated the whole thing in my own kitchen, but i wouldn't have been able to eat it in a streetcar (faux or otherwise)!

i took most of my chicken home since i had stuffed myself with pasta. the doggie bag surprised and intrigued me. eco-friendly, i suppose?

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Lewis said...

That mizithra cheese is amazing! Although I always feel like I'm lowering my life expectancy when I eat it.

You say you can duplicate the mizithra?! I need a post on that, please!