Sunday, February 15, 2009


this past thursday i was back in chillicothe for a residency interview. i finally made it after snow caused rescheduling and a huge tree fell across the street on wednesday as i was leaving. i've tried to not take these incidents as foreshadowing.

no trip to chillicothe is complete without a stop at lloyd's sweet shoppe (read original entry here). the store was all done up in valentine splendor. i picked up brian's valentine's day gift,
as well as an assortment of other chocolately odds and ends, including champagne truffles. the truffles were delectable. they took me back to when i worked at galerie au chocolat in high school and college. the galerie used to have a store in the westin hotel that sold imported french, swiss, and belgian chocolates. the shell of these truffles was thicker and more rigid than the truffles i remember, but they did not fall into the trap of being too sweet (like godiva). they're thinking about carrying them all year long, and i hope they do.

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