Monday, February 16, 2009

food & wine march

my eww gross moment: people eat pig face. this is totally ethnocentric of me, but i would say face is the most objectionable part of the animal to eat. eating muscle and fat is bad enough if i let myself think about it, but a face? ick.

curiosity: lettie teague talks about ordering the cheapest bottle of wine at swank restaurants in dc and new york. sometimes unusual and wonderful wines can be discovered. however, she recommends never ordering the south african pinotage. i am extremely curious about this wine. i have heard it tastes approximately like liquid shoe leather. and not the shoe leather of a salvatore ferragamo. more like an old birkenstock worn backpacking through south america. has anyone tried it?

interesting: achieving healthy eating by the "rainbow" method. a variety of colors in the diet brings of variety of vitamins and minerals. (skittles do not count)

excited about: the best new greek wines, none of them more than $35.

recipes i can't wait to try:
gianduja tart with chocolate-cookie crust
beet salad with tangerines (the orange part of the rainbow)
wasabi flank steak and miso-glazed potatoes


Anonymous said...

LOL I know what you mean about the pigface. :P My grandparents are total German and I remember them always having headcheese at special occasions, or whenever they were in the mood. Blech.

liberal foodie said...

I don't eat beef but that wasabi flank steak and miso-glazed potatoes wanted me to try to make it with chicken! or pork!

k said...

headcheese - that also gets an eww.

lideral - i'm with you, i don't care much for beef - pork is a great idea!