Sunday, February 22, 2009


one of my favorite nights of the year, oscar night! the night when i wear my pajamas, drink a bottle of wine by myself, and watch the stars. my husband leaves me alone.
on the menu tonight:
french baguette and alouette creme de brie
gehl's nacho cheese and pretzels
orville redenbacher
jacob's creek chardonnay pinot noir brut cuvee (a little sparkle!)
dog cookies

bet you wish you were at my kickin' oscar party.


Cincy Hound Dog said...

What no ice cream or chocolate? Can't be a celebration without at least one of those!

lauren said...

Sounds like the perfect evening!

k said...

hound dog - you are so right! forgot to mention i ate 2 pieces of chocolate covered marzipan cake and a bunch of chocolate covered blueberries during oscar preparation (wasting time watching other things until the red carpet). :)

lauren - it was!