Wednesday, February 25, 2009

fat tuesday

one last day to indulge before the lenten season. one last day to stuff my face with every chocolate thing in my house before i give it up.
fat tuesday this year was celebrated with a trip to toot's in the fields ertel area. the first thing i noticed when i walked in was a lizard mournfully surveying the children poking each other and tapping the glass of his enclosure. poor thing, to have to live in such a kid-friendly atmosphere. toot's also has brightly colored neon, huge tvs, and an interesting oyster mascot. they also promise cheap beer and wings.
brian and mark spilt 50 medium wings. they weren't the traditional flats or drums. they were shaped like, well, wings. i tried a couple. they had a pretty good flavor and the meat was moist and tender. not breaded. i am not much of a wing aficionado, so i'll reserve judgement, but brian says they are better than hooter's.
i had the black and bleu burger, topped with onion fries. not much black to it, but i was starving so it seemed pretty delicious to me. garners a rating of 5/6 on the burger scale of greatness.
i don't really have much to say. everything was fine, nothing outstanding. if you feel like having some beer and fried food, toot's is for you. say hi to the lizard for me.
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