Monday, November 3, 2008

question: where to take an out of town guest

my sister is coming in town this weekend for my dad's 60th. friday night we are pretty much booked with that, but saturday brian and i want to take her out for a night on the town.

i need suggestions. desperately. where do you take guests to show off the city?

some background: she's 26. married. doesn't drink beer. prefers cocktails. in all other ways is the total opposite of me.


Julie said...

Dinner at Palomino's (I know, a chain, but the view can't be beat) and drinks at Twist. Or if you would prefer non chain vs. view (which I understand), Jean Ro Bistro and then Twist.

Just make sure you take her to Twist. :P

skinny fat chick said...

I'm full of east-side suggestions, but take them as you want. Mt. Adams is an obvious choice if you are looking to drink more than eat. Blind Lemon is a little more off the beaten path than Pavilion, Longworths, etc... just depends what type of crowd you're looking for.

I also second that Palominos is one of the best dinner restaurants to show off Cincinnati.

Teller's is one of my favorite places to take people from out of town because Hyde Park Square is neat and people like the old bank building, but it's not too eclectic and everyone can find something to like on that menu. Plus they have delicious martinis - the Pineapple Upside Down martini is probably a hit with anyone who doesn't like beer.

Mainstrasse in Covington is another good choice - I'm a huge fan of Chez Nora and Otto's. I also love Bar Louie... yes it's a chain, but they have great girly cocktails and appetizers.

And I know I have many more where that came from... if I think of anything earth-shattering I'll be back!

Heather said...

I have a "Tour of Cincinnati" on my site - I took friends all over to the must-haves.

Pigall's is a 4-star - which most people don't get to go to - always a treat.

Cinci is so heavy on great thai - that's always something unique! Wild Ginger, Ruthais, Lemongrass, etc...

Palomino's is great with the view...

And don't forget Graeters!

lauren said...

Twist or Morton's for drinks (you know I had to go there...)

Jean-Ro for dinner

Graeters/Fountain Square for dessert

Mt. Adams for post-dinner drinks

Julie said...

Lauren-- good idea with the graeter's and Mt. Adams for post-dinner drinks. Or pre-dinner, then finish the night up at Twist!