Tuesday, November 4, 2008

gruet winery

this is a picture of the gruet winery in albuquerque, nw tasting room when eric and i were there in early october (yes i'm not the most timely poster). we were unfortunately there b/c the balloon festival was canceled that day but what better way to spend your afternoon instead that at a wine tasting? we (krissy and i) had coincidentally tasted this wine the weekend before when we went to nectar. they had approximately 8 champagnes, about 4 of them were reserve. all the wines had mixture of pinot noir and chardonnay. all of them were very good. they also had a chardonnay, syrah and pinot noir. although i though i thought all of them as ok, i would say that the pricing was a bit high for the ones that were not champagnes. all the the champagnes were quite excellent and priced very well. i would def. recommend these to anyone. we bought a bottle of the rose.

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