Thursday, November 20, 2008

new york style pizza on the westside

on a tip from another loyal westside foodie (thanks, john!), brian and i went to check out noce's pizzeria on north bend road. i've been wanting to try it since i first saw the sign go up. i was not disappointed.
the place is tiny and clean and friendly. the kitchen is open and you can watch as they hand toss the dough and spread on the toppings and cheese.
we carried out, but you can eat in or get delivery.
right off the bat, noce's gets major points because the sauce for dipping the garlic knots is warm. nothing pisses me off more than ordering breadsticks or cheese sticks and having some nasty cold sauce that was in the fridge 15 seconds before it was on my plate. and the garlic knots are good, not drenched in butter or salt.
now, the main event. we asked the guy tossing the dough what his favorite is. he said plain cheese is the most perfect way to eat pizza, but if he's getting toppings, he likes the noce pizza. the noce pie is topped with sausage, onions, banana peppers, sprinkled parmesan, oregano and black pepper. i am not the biggest banana pepper fan, so we ordered it with light peppers.
all i can say is, that pizza oven at noce produces some pretty fabulous crispy crust. it is easily some of the best crust i have ever had. if you're looking for super thick and doughy and chewy, this isn't it, but i think this crust will win you over cause it's that good.
i have to admit i wasn't entirely sold on the sauce at first, but by my second piece i had decided i definitely liked it. it's subtle and flavorful, not sweet. a good complement to the crust and toppings.
there was a distinct lack of grease on both the garlic knots and the pizza. a plus, in my mind. i hate feeling like i need to sop up puddles of fat from my pizza before i can eat it (pizza hut).
so, two thumbs up for new york style, westside location. brian gave it a garbled "really good", his mouth being full. they also offer calzones, subs, ziti and stromboli, and they sell pizza by the slice. i look forward to trying them all. although i do have to agree with the pizza guy, i think my favorite is plain cheese. i'm a simple girl, really.

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Mark Hoobler said...

Mmmmmmm. Pizza. I wonder if they deliver to the East Side...

pizzaman said...

can we use your pizza image
let us know at

JKNEPFLE said...

Had Noce's tonight for dinner. We all loved, grandparents and my wife and I.

Thanks a bunch for the recommendation. Finally an alternative to LaRosas!!!

k said...

j - hurray! glad you guys liked it.

hoobler - it's cool, we can always order it next time we play lego batman :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, my family has eaten at Noce's 3 or 4 times now (pepperoni), and it has been consistently good. My family came in to town from PA for Thanksgiving, and my dad loved the Mattie Deluxe. I was even impressed by how it looked...big, fresh cut veggies.

The owners are very friendly too, which is always a plus.

It's become our Friday night pizza place! We actually drive 15 minutes from near downtown since they don't deliver our way, but it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a NY style pizza ever since I went back to NY about two years ago. I ate in Adriatico's, NYPD Pizza, Marco's, etc. and the only place that to me had authentic NY style pizza was Noce's. I became a regular there and the people are too friendly to a point that I order the pizza by phone and arrive over there to find that the table was already made with my plates, napkins, soda, and the little stand where they put the pizza. The place is great!!